President Message



Dear Members,
It is my esteemed honour that I have been elected as President of PONCEA for the year 2017-2019. It gives me great pleasure to be representing such an incredible community. On behalf of our members, I look forward to serve with our outstanding Office Bearers in the coming years.

We can’t forget the role played by our Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and EC members. They have raised PONCEA to next level which really motivates every one of us to do more.

We have come into this industry from a multitude of directions, with the common thread that we have each been influenced and inspired by many things along the way, especially at our beginning.
During these periods, we have organized a series of programs and meetings related to our further development. Equipped with a new Strategic Direction, the Association is anxious to tackle challenges and initiate new projects during the upcoming years.

Industry and technology steadily grew into a comfortable level in India during the last thirty years. To sustain its growth and enhance development, new knowledge is essential. The best source of information in this field is experience and expertise sharped by eminent technological people. The PONCEA grouped Engineering Professionals in fellowship and warm friendship and take advantage of the camaraderie to provide the need of the country.
Ecological balance and sustainable energy, which is now an everyday concern, is a challenge to everyone. Our program endeavors to face this head-on with the pooled proficiency of our able members.

Our Mission is
“To build an open, flexible and global knowledge network supported by individuals, companies and institutions and facilitated by the PONCEA and its members.”

Since we have gigantic tasks ahead, we have to prepare ourselves, restudy and rework our non-functional policies, guidelines and create more relevant directives.

We are committed to give the institute a new image that would reflect its proficient capabilities as an important part of National Building let us all work together. “Excellence in any art of profession is attained only by hard and persistent work.”

With regards,




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